What does custom home mean to you? How many things would you expect to be able to change in a custom home? Siding, flooring, and counters? Maybe wall locations? What about building details? How many things do you WANT to be able to customize?

What if we told you custom means everything is fair game? Everything from the counters, to the foundations, to the wall placements is meticulously designed by getting to know you. Our design process includes conversation with you about how you use your home, what features you want to see, and how we can design the house to fit your lifestyle.

This is important as a sustainable home builder, because everyone has their own reasons for wanting to build more eco-friendly. Some people like the comfort factor, others prefer the economic savings, and still others build green to reduce their carbon footprint for a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

We’ll sit down with you and tailor an approach to the home that puts you in control. You’ll get to determine what things are important and why. We’ll make suggestions to increase comfort, savings or aesthetic appeal, but we’ll make sure you shine through your home.

Details like truss heel heights can mean better insulation, and better severe weather resistance, but could cost aesthetic sacrifices, or shipping concerns. Everything is intricately connected to what you need and want out of your home, let us show you what a truly custom home can do for you! Like maybe get you a Narnia behind a closet for your little munchkins.